Functionality – Performance (Cont’d)

General Productivity

The following PC Mark 04 test measures the general performance of a system using common activities like web surfing, file compression, and a bit of 3D graphics.

Compaq Presario V2410 Turion 64 Laptop Review - Mobile 20

Once again the Presario V2410 comes close to matching the Pentium-M 735 system, but doesn’t have enough to match it. Whether you will notice a difference in real-life performance between the two laptops is debatable though.

Computation – ScienceMark, SuperPi

I know some of you out there use your laptops for some intense computational work like running simulations and data modelling. The following two tests demonstrate the V2410’s ability to crunch numbers.

Computational Test Results
(Lower is Better)


VIA K8T00 Pro & A64 3200+ SiS 760GX & A64 3200+ Intel Centrino & P-M 735 Compaq Presario V2410
444.08s 445.08s 568.1s 591.21s




146.59s 126.1s
13.71s 13.8s 19.04s 18:38

SuperPi 8 MB



9:56 10:51

Once again we see the Presario V2410 and Centrino/P-M 735 laptops trade blows. For the price of the Presario V2410, it compares fairly well against the more expensive laptop.

DVD to DiVX Encoding

In this test, we convert 12 minutes of DVD video into DiVX files and determine how long it takes to perform this task. This is not a common task for a laptop, but is a useful comparison to the desktop counterpart.

DVD to DiVX Encoding Test Results
(Lower is Better)


VIA K8T00 Pro & A64 3200+ SiS 760GX & A64 3200+ Intel 915P & P4 560E Compaq Presario V2410

Time to Completion

9:38 8:40 9:31 13:05

The results above aren’t too impressive and if this were a typical 2 hour DVD, it would take about 2 hours and 10 minutes to encode. Don’t place too much weight on these numbers as it’s not exactly fair to compare a laptop to a desktop with much better specs.

3D Graphics

Doing 3D well on a laptop is problematic. First it’s the large quantities of power it requires, and second is the immense heat generated by these chipsets. Because of this good 3D performance is rarely found on any laptop 14″ or smaller.

3D Performance Test Results
(Higher is Better)


Intel Centrino & P-M 735 Compaq Presario V2410
3DMark 2001SE 3068 2656

3DMark 05

Would not run. 468

No need to run DOOM 3 or Half-Life 2 here. These two synthetic benchmarks tell the tale very clearly – 3D gaming is not an option on the V2410. You may be able to get away with some less intensive DirectX 8 games, but I recommend sticking to 2D games or Flash games you can find online.

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