LostCircuits reviews the server/workstation class Foxconn Winfast NFPIK8AA-8EKRS motherboard.  Built around the nForce4 profession chipset, you need to read the full review to get an idea of what they did with this motherboard.  Essentially a dual CPU board, but without the second socket, definately unique, and definately powerful.
“Foxconn is one of the world’s largest OEM manufacturers of computer parts and only recently has started to enter the enthusiast market. Overall, the brand appears to be well-received, even though the naming conventions are somewhat counterintuitive. Enthusiast boards on one side, OEM boards on the other side, there is still ground to play and it appears as if the red tape was lifted at least for once to let the engineers and designers play their hearts out. The result is a true oddity in the conformistic world of motherboards – a dual chipset motherboard for a single – server class – CPU with two 16-lanes PCIe SLI slots that promise to deliver uncompromised bandwidth to the graphics adapters while in the background some super RAID configuration is on a rampage and the entire system talks to the intranet via dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. Needless to say that the latter are protected by nVidia’s own Firewall.”

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