You may have never heard of Jackson Backup before, but you may well wish you had.  They are a company that specializes in data loss prevention, and recovery.  Hi-Techreviews has a review of their Armor PCI Card, which is a hardware solution to both data protection and recovery.  It is much like the software suites you are used to, but it takes up less of you HDD space to do the same job.
“Things have changed over the course of the last five years when it comes to using the Internet. what used to be a pretty un-eventful experience has now turned in a game of Russian Roulette whereby you don’t really know what you are going to bring home to your computer every time you turn it on. It’is not bad enough that there are people out there writing scripts and viruses in an attempt to either gain entry to your system or destroy your data but now you have to be on guard for people trying to misdirect you to damaging URLs via phony emails. All of these nasty payloads have one thing in common, the ability to leave you without a computer no matter how good your spy ware or anti-virus software is. That was until the arrival of the Jackson Armor Card, we are going to tell you more about this handy-dandy little product and by the time we’re done you may want to go out and buy one.”

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