HardwareHell has a review of a device that those of you with multiple gaming consoles will love. It’s the Hip Gear S-Video AV System Selector, which is essentially the same as a KVM switch for your PC.  Go and see how the review turned out.

“A couple of people out there may be asking: ‘What’s an AV system selector? And why do I need one?’ Well we’re glad you asked…because HardwareHell has no idea, go Google it for us.

Just kidding, an AV system selector is a time saver, a hassle saver, and a sanity saver. It allows the connection of several videogame systems—or other video equipment—to the television at any one time. This means that someone with a bunch of consoles will be able to switch systems at the push of a button instead of crawling around behind the TV while swearing and looking for the appropriate wires and connections.”

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