hardCOREware has a review of Logitech’s Z-5450 Wireless Surround Speaker System.  If you have a wireless LAN, mouse, keyboard and phone, why do are you still forced to have wires for your surround sound system? 

“If you’ve used the Z-680, Z-5500, or any good surround PC speaker system, you might have been annoyed by the rear speakers. Having to run speaker cables from them to the amp most likely means you have cables running from behind your chair to under your desk. Not exactly tidy. To remedy this, Logitech has released the Z-5450. While it is mostly inferior in specification to the Z-5500, it does have one major advantage: the rear speakers do not require cables to transfer the audio signal. Instead, it uses an 802.11b WiFi signal. Do they sound good enough though?”

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