Neoseeker pushes an X2 3800+ to the farthest limits they could manage.  Read the article to see what kind of overclocking results they managed to get.
“The 3800×2 overclocked suprisingly well; I am quite certain that I would have been able to push it further with a better cooling solution – and I may try doing just that in a few weeks. For the best performance I was able to achieve, I ran the processor at 1.5V, the memory at 2.7V with 2.5-4-4-8-2T timings. I reduced the HT multiplier to 3x, and increased the FSB clock to 310MHz with a multiplier of 8. This resulted in a 2480MHz core clock speed, 930MHz HT speed, and 310MHz (DDR620) memory speed. The much higher memory bandwidth provided by these settings resulted in outstanding performance, with some of the highest results we’ve ever seen.”

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