It’s a common refrain today … “You need 2Gb of RAM to play games properly” … and it even seems to be true in many cases.  If you are going to upgrade, or at least upsize your RAM, make sure you get the best.  MVKTECH might be able help you decide, with their review of Mushkin’s eXtreme Performance XP4000 Dual Channel
“In Today’s world, let’s face it, you simply need more ram capacity to allocate to the every increasing resource eating applications and game titles in the current market’s. Take the smash hit game Battlefield 2 for instance, this game simply runs better with 2048 MB of ram, no ifs ands or buts. If you are a fan of this game and want the absolute premium performance then invest in at least another gig of ram or simply purchase a dual channel 2 GB kit such as the Mushkin eXtreme Performance 2GB XP4000 Dual Channel pack.”

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