Guru3D looks at 2 of Corsair’s top of the line RAM kits.  You can choose the 667 MHz DDR2 with some very firm 3:2:2:8 timings, or the 800Mhz DDR2 with 5:5:5:12, just make sure you read the review before you do.

“As you all probably know, Corsair is well known manufacturer with it’s primary focus on all kinds of memory. Whether that memory is your low, mid or high-end Corsair does not matter. Today Guru3D will have a look at two of their high-end memory kits. Yes … that memory that just won’t kick into high volume sales … DDR2 memory to be precise, one kit with the lowest timings imaginable for DDR2 memory and the second kit with slightly higher timings, 800 MHz capability yet totaling a exquisite 2 GB. The first kit is 1GB (2×512 MB) of DDR2 memory released under the label XMS2-5400 (CM2X512A-5400UL). This is really exceptional stuff as it’s memory timings are just magnificent. The second kit we test today has slightly shoddier timings yet can go much higher in DDR2 frequency and not only that … it’s a 2 GB kit. It’s XMS2-6400 Pro (CM2X1024-6400PRO).”

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