The MobiBLU DAH-1500i is a tiny square MP3 player, designed to hang off your neck liek a locket, while you are listening to it.  10 hours of battery life, either 512MB or !Gb storage, and good playback quality, with an iPod-like interface.  See what CoolTechZone makes of it here.
“We’ve all had it with standard sized MP3 players; after all, what’s so special about them anymore? The same old features and audio quality are the norm these days. In fact, if you have an MP3 player and you want it to survive in the market, quality is a prerequisite. Of course, there are those exclusive iconic looks and a select number of features here and there that make portable audio players stand out from their competition, but still, it takes a lot more wattage to send a jolt through the industry.”

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