Feeling overwhelmed with the choices for purchasing and downloading music from the interent?  DesignTechnica reviews several of the more popular services that are available, to help you decide.  Then scroll down for reviews of what you might want to listen to your new music on.
“However, all of that means the consumer is presented with a dazzling multiplicity of choices. Where do you go to find the music you want? Which is the best service? They all offer dazzling numbers of tracks — 900,000, a million — that stagger and scare the imagination. Finding your way through can be more than a little daunting. The simple truth is, in many cases there’s not a great deal to choose between them. Those massive music libraries are largely duplicated from service to service. So the criteria become something different. Do you want to keep the music you get? What can you do with it — can you store it on multiple computers, burn it onto CD, transfer it to a portable device? How easy is it to use the interface? And, for those whose tastes lie outside the mainstream, which services offer the best depth and broadest selection of music? Read on as we explain each music service so you know which one fits your needs.””

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