Overclocked Inside wants to make sure you know everything you can about your A64 processor.  To that end, they’ve set up an interactive translator, where you enter your model number (ex. ADA3000AEI3BI), and get model, Mhz, cache, temp and even more.
“The interactive product ID guide for the easy identification of all AMD Athlon 64 processors was completely revised and is now online in the new version 2.0 Beside some processor updates it’s now also possible on the basis of each Stepping to see the respective code name within the lower range of the virtual CPU. For simple identification of all current AMD Athlon 64 CPUs select the product ID (OPN label) of the Athlon 64 CPU over the drop-down fields and see within the virtual CPU picture immediately the description of the selected processor. (e.g. type, codename, revision, frequency, Vcore, temperature, Cache, number of CPUs, etc.) Reseller, Shops and buyers surely will not want to miss the useful Tool any longer, because one can’t identify the data more simply without the installation of the CPU”

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