Shuttle’s SD31P XPC is their newest HTPC barebones system.  It expects an LGA775 processor, and DDR2, but it comes with good sound and is able to output video to almost any component.  HEXUS has the full review.
“The one word that describes Shuttle’s SD31P XPC is competent. Just add a hard drive, preferably SATA, optical drive, RAM, and an LGA775 CPU and away you go. Everything works just as it should, and installation is a real cinch for even novice XPC builders. Performance is also good when judged in comparison to ATX-sized i945G and i955X motherboards, and the ability to specify a Pentium 4 Extreme Edition or dual-core CPU, GeForce 7800 GT, 2GB RAM, and 1TByte of storage, should your pocket be deep enough, is eminently possible in this larger-than-normal XPC.”

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