Think Computers has a review of the Mashie Design MDVA.  It is a really bright, and programmable LED display that sits in your 5.25″ drive trays, facing out of your front panel.  See if this is the thing you need to finish off your case mod, or just scare the cats.
“Modding products, where did they go? It seems like we never see any new case mods at all. Well if you’re into case modding at all, then I’m sure you have heard of Mashie. If not take a look at his website. As you can see he is very talented. He has come up with a great product that you will not see in other PC’s out there. It comes from his case mod called Anemone, and it is called the Mashie Design Visual Audio, or MVDA. Finally, a new modding product, are you excited?”

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