Rahul Sood, the founder of VoodooPC, has posted a blog entry on the lack of availability of CrossFire products.  Even more interesting is the fact that even though his company is listed as a launch partner for CrossFire, they haven’t even received samples yet. 
When AMD, Intel, ATi, or NVIDIA launch something big, they always try to get companies like VoodooPC to test it ahead of time, offer feedback, and perhaps use it in our review systems. I’ve been pretty quiet about the ATi Crossfire launch. Even though we’re listed as a launch ‘partner’ we still don’t know much about it other than what we read online.

I hear it’s pretty good other than the 60Hz 1600×1200 resolution limit, dual x8, the mess of dongles in the back, and the lack of availability. I emailed ATi multiple times in the last month or so, and I’ve received no official reply about when we’ll get it. I already instructed the salespeople at Voodoo to just tell customers the truth about SLI vs Crossfire, there really is no comparison when you’re comparing something that’s real vs something that’s not available.

The closest I’ve come to sampling Crossfire was when someone outside of ATi emailed me a Powerpoint presentation. That’s pretty brutal.