A couple of PimpRig forum members have discovered a cheap chip with great overclocking potential.  Read carefully, and decide if you want to try to get this CPU onto your gift list.
“Again we have one of those special low dollar “Gifts” this time from AMD, the OPTERON… just in time for Christmas! “But Opteron is a 940 pin CPU for servers only” you say? Well not any more, AMD has been kind enough to start making them for 939 pin boards a few months back with little notice by the mainstream desktop users. It all began last week my good friends SpikeShot and Captain Planet sent me a link on them in a IM convo. Spike was looking for a new CPU, and Capt. started looking around a bit and came across this. We all ordered them, just too see if it was true and not a one shot deal…all of us got the good stepping CABYE, each screaming away at 3GHZ now!”

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