The Asetek Xtreme KT12A-12VX Triple Radiator Kit can remove a lot of heat from a system.  According to Xtreme Resources findings, about “2445Kcal per hour (9702 BTU), which roughly translates to 680W”, with all 6 fans running on the radiator!
“When Asetek first entered the PC watercooling market with the introduction of the initial Waterchill kits, their good value and excellent performance made them loved within the enthusiast circles. Even the most hardcore users loved them because they could integrate the watercooling kits to their Vapochill cooled systems, for VGA and chipset cooling. Asetek came a long way since then and now they have a long line of kits and standalone products across all of the Waterchill range. Their pinnacle of the Waterchill line, the Xtreme KT12A-12VX Waterchill kit is under the scope today. Featuring all the best that Asetek has to offer, let us see what it can do for the cooling of your PC.”

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