[H]ard|OCP plays with the ABS Mayhem G4 Gaming Laptop.   They take you through everything from buying the system over the web, to initial use, to contacting tech support. 
“The chassis was truly impressive. I’m not a laptop man, but this system has made me think twice about them. The widescreen, high-resolution display is beautiful and the chassis has shown that it can put up with a lot of gaming and stay comfortable. The internal build quality was also smart. Dual fan intakes directed airflow right onto the Pentium M chip and the 6600 Go GPU. The placement of the hard drive, CPU, and GPU was also smart in that it spread out the heat-producing components as much as possible. It’s certainly a tight fit in there, but it works for this system. Kudos to both Asus for a great chassis design, and to ABS for their clean integration.”

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