SUNNYVALE, CA – November 16, 2005 – AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced it has been added to the recently launched Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index (DJSI North American) and the Dow Jones Sustainability

United States Index (DJSI United States). These indexes track best-in-class companies in the U.S. and throughout North America based on social, economic, and environmental criteria, such as corporate governance, climate change, eco-efficiency, and labor practices.

The DJSI North American and DJSI United States indexes are part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index family and provide solid benchmarks for sustainability-driven North American and U.S. equity portfolios.  Corporate sustainability is the ability to create long-term shareholder value by managing environmental, social, and economic risks and opportunities. The DJSI North America index includes the top 20% in terms of sustainability in each sector out of the largest 600 North American companies. The DJSI United States is a subset of the DJSI North America.

“AMD’s inclusion in these indexes underscores our commitment to operating with integrity, responsibility and the utmost respect for people and the environment,” said Tom McCoy, Chief Administrative Officer for AMD. “AMD was founded on the principle of ‘people first, products and profits will follow.’ Our focus on customer needs has resulted in the development of products and partnerships that help address global social issues, such as the technology gap in the developing world.”

The full release can be found at AMD’s Press Room.