As you know, this is a big week for High Performance Computing and Supercomputers.  With the release yesterday of the most recent list of TOP500 Supercomputer Sites, Bill Gates’ keynote this morning at SC|05, and a host of companies making announcements from the show, I’d like to provide you with some interesting points that concern AMD in Supercomputing

    • Sun and AMD announced today a major supercomputing win with the Tokyo Institute of Technology – over 10,000 AMD Opteron processor cores and Sun’s largest supercomputing win in their history.  This system is expected to place in the top 5 of the TOP500 list once installed and represents a significant international supercomputing partnership.,,51_104_543~102447,00.html
    • Yesterday, supercomputing powerhouse Cray announced an extension of their technology agreement with AMD through the end of the decade and selection of AMD64 and HyperTransport technology into their next generation product development.  Cray’s Red Storm system at Sandia National Labs is #6 on the current TOP500 list.,,51_104_543~102426,00.html
    • AMD has also announced enablement of a full range of supercomputing ecosystem development with the availability of the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor-based Emerald Cluster at AMD’s Developer Center.
    • TOP500 Success – 55 systems on the latest TOP500 Supercomputer list are based on the AMD Opteron processor, more than doubling AMD’s presence on the list since last June, including 2 systems in the top 10 and 13 in the top 100.  AMD partners Cray, HP, IBM, NEC, Sun and numerous other system builders including APPRO, Atipa Technology, Dawning, and Rackable Systems are represented on the list.  Clearly, AMD is enabling customers to achieve both enterprise and supercomputing success.
    • IBM’s #1 BlueGene supercomputer installation at Lawrence Livermore National Labs relies on the processing prowess of the AMD Opteron processor in its GraphStream visualization cluster.
    • Readers of the industry publication HPC Wire have chosen AMD64 technology for a number of Reader’s Choice awards including Most Significant New HPC Product: Dual-core AMD Opteron processor; Most Important Overall HPC Technology or Product: Dual-core AMD Opteron processor; and Most Innovative Implementation of an HPC Application:  Fluent, American Conversion, AMD and Ferrari for the Ferrari Data Center (also an Editor’s Choice winner.)  Additionally, AMD partner Cray was selected by HPC Wire readers as the Top Overall HPC Vendor.