CNet reports on a vunerablility affecting many popular Anti-Virus programs.  They describe a “magic bit” that could be added to a .bat file, that will make your scanner completely ignore the file instead of scanning it.

“By adding some data to a file, an attacker could trick virus scanners into letting a malicious executable file pass through, security researcher Andrey Bayora wrote in an advisory last week. The problem lies in the scanning engine, which won’t detect files that have the extra data. Bayora refers to that extra data as the “Magic Byte.” The problem affects numerous antivirus products, including software from Trend Micro, McAfee, Computer Associates and Kaspersky Lab, said Bayora, who works as a computer security consultant in Israel. His advisory also lists several products that are not affected, including software from Symantec, F-Secure and BitDefender.”

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