Even with the bigger 1Gb memory sticks, and double sided DVD’s, you still run into the occasional file that is too big to easily transport.  Portable HDD enclosures are the easiest answer, and in the case of the ULTRA Mini Portable Disk, it may even keep your HDD living longer than installing it in a case.  Head to Bjorn3D to read up on this great little device.
“Sure flash drives are very handy for moving files around when a floppy disk is too small and a CD-R is overkill, but what about those files or groups of files that take up more room than even a DVD-R can store? Many users have the need for this type of file movement, and external hard drives are just the solution for this dilemma. ULTRA has just what the doctor ordered, so read below to see what kind of prescription they provided me with.”

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