SEATTLE, WA, November 14, 2005 – AMD (NYSE: AMD) and Cray Inc, (Nasdaq NM: CRAY) today announced that they have signed an agreement that extends their successful relationship through the end of the decade.  Cray will continue to use AMD Opteron(tm) processors for the microprocessor-based supercomputer products Cray develops during this period.  In addition, the two firms will actively collaborate on Cray’s mid-2006 proposal for Phase 3 of the federal government’s DARPA HPCS  (High Productivity Computing Systems) program.

“After an extensive review of marketplace alternatives, we selected the AMD64 platform as the microarchitecture for our next-generation supercomputer products,” said Cray President and CEO Peter Ungaro. “In the near-term, the AMD Opteron processor  roadmap provides our customers a smooth upgrade path to multi-core systems.   Through 2010, AMD’s multi-core processor roadmap and HyperTransport(tm) technology capabilities stand out for their ability to help meet our aggressive performance goals. Our success working with AMD in developing the Cray XT3(tm) and the Cray XD1(tm) systems gives us great confidence that AMD is the right partner to help Cray advance the boundaries of high performance computing.”

Cray and AMD will work closely together on Cray’s mid-2006 submission for Phase 3 of the DARPA HPCS program.  The program plans to provide economically viable, next-generation high productivity computing systems for the national security, scientific and industrial user communities that are able to run applications at sustained speeds of one petaflop (million billion calculations per second) or more by the end of the decade.