DriverHeaven has posted a review of Crucial’s Ballistix PC2-8000.  While it might be a little early to plan an AMD rig around it, there are plenty of Intel systems just begging for these sticks. 
‘It took quite some time for DDR-2 to take a considerable piece of the market, but eventually it did. Although AMD seems unwilling to support it up to today, most Intel based systems seem to require it, especially after the release of the latest chipsets which do not support DDR at all. Companies began releasing faster and faster DDR-2 modules this whole year, and they already reached the extremely fast PC2-8000 modules, which are rated for 500MHz (1000MHz DDR). The only motherboards that can even support that kind of speed are some of the better 955X based motherboards and even so only when running Intel EE 1066MHz FSB processors, or when they are overclocked of course. Crucial sent us a 1GB kit (2X512MB matched pair) of PC2-8000 modules, so let us check what kind of potential these modules possess.’

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