X-Finity’s 2nd Generation PSU looks to build on what was important to them in the first place.  The ablility to provide good clean power to your PC, at a reasonable price.  Read on at The Moditory to see how they did.
“”Power supplies are just one more component to some people there’s no difference in quality, power is power right? Not at all. A quality power supply can make or break a system. All your components draw power and if your PSU provides dirty power, it could take out the rest of your rig. Finding that great deal where you get a solid PSU for a discount price is what we’re all after. Ultra has been making power supplies for a while and their new release is the X-Finity 2nd Generation. Utilizing new FlexForce cabling and Dual Rail Technology, will the X-Finity 2nd Generation be a cornerstone to build your next system with? or is it the newest fashion in paper weights? Lets find out.”

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