[H]ard|OCP has posted a review of the XFX GeForce 6600 DDR2 (256M).  While the DDR2 certainly gives this card a boost, it doesn’t really benefit from the amount of memory, as it just can’t process the graphics with a high enough quality setting to make it worth it.  However, as it doesn’t really make this card more expensive, you just might want this in your box.

“There have been a lot of new announcements, launches, and evaluations to do in the video card arena as of late. We’ve been very busy here at HardOCP to keep up with all the video card demands and we bypassed this smaller NVIDIA GPU launch a month ago. Though it was a launch that NVIDIA did not hype up as much as some others recently, it was still a very important launch because this is NVIDIA’s current answer to ATI’s value segment, the new Radeon X1300 and X1300 Pro. Again, this was another hard launch from NVIDIA to put more competition in the value segment. When we talk about the value end of the video card spectrum, we are mainly talking about cards in the $99 to $149 level. At this level, you can’t expect the gaming performance at the same level of mainstream or performance enthusiast cards, but with the new technologies that each new generation of cards brings to the table, they just might give you a solid, enjoyable gaming experience. That is what we are going to find out today.”

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