SONOMA, Calif. Nov. 19, 2005 — The Intel Computer Clubhouse, a unique after-school learning center for children ages 10 to 18, opened today at the Boys & Girls Club Valley of the Moon in Sonoma, Calif. This program is sponsored by Intel Corporation with additional funding from the Vadasz Family Foundation.

‘The Intel Computer Clubhouse gives children access to the latest technology, connecting them with the world and stimulating their minds and imagination,’ said Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini. ‘At the Clubhouse, dedicated mentors guide and inspire youth to channel their creativity through technology in order to develop skills that can open doors to personal and professional achievement.’

Computer Clubhouse members learn by doing. They create digital artwork; produce their own music CDs; film, write and edit their own short movies; and design Web sites. Most come to the Clubhouse knowing little about technology, and leave with the skills and self-confidence to succeed in today’s technology-driven society.

‘With the opening of the Intel Clubhouse, our youth will be able to explore and experience technology in a fun, interactive environment,’ said Catherine Wilson, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club Valley of the Moon. ‘Our Clubhouse is linked to a worldwide network allowing children to share ideas and interact with youth in more than 20 countries. The contact with other cultures and technical know-how learned in the Clubhouse will prepare Sonoma youth to enter the job market willing and able to compete on a global level.’

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