AnandTech bought 5 $600 dollar laptops, and tested them to see which was king.  While you are waiting for MIT to release the $200 dollar one, take a look at these 5, and see if one of them might fit your budget and performance needs.
“We’ve rounded up a total of five notebooks, each priced at $600 and put them through their paces – trying to find a winner. An interesting point to note is that most of the manufacturers we reviewed here today didn’t actually want their notebooks reviewed. While they would gladly send us more expensive models, most manufacturers shunned away the opportunity for their $600 notebooks to compete in this roundup. The real reason being that the profit margins on these notebooks are basically non-existent, the real money is made on upgrades or on higher priced solutions. Although virtually all notebook makers offer entry level solutions, at $600, no one wants to sell them, they do because they have to. So we went out and purchased the notebooks we could not get, after all, what good is a $600 notebook roundup with only one notebook?”

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