With displays having 2 and 3ms response times available from most major LCD manufacturers, it seems that the old adage that CRT’s are the best way to play games is headed the way of one button joysticks.  XYZ Computers takes a look at the ViewSonic VX924 3ms LCD Monitor.
“Over the past year or two computer users have been witnessing something very interesting- the maturation of the LCD monitor. In a short amount of time these products went from being overpriced and awkwardly designed to being the mainstay of the display industry and the forefront of technology. This review will be taking a look at ViewSonic’s VX924 display. This display has been making headlines for a number of reasons, the foremost being its impressive 3ms response time. When it comes to LCD displays ViewSonic has been doing well, but much of the focus has been on their competitors, like Samsung. The VX924 marks a major step in the right direction and one of the more interesting displays to come along in some time.”

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