The G7 Cordless Gaming Mouse has all the buttons and smoothness you would expect from the MX-518 gaming mouse, but without a cord.  They have also moved away from the charging dock, this mouse uses rechargable Li-Ion batteries, and comes with a USB powered charger.  ASE Labs is the place to go to find out more.
“PC games: the primary field of computing that has pushed this so-called “productivity box” faster and faster over the years. Sure, you can thank CAD or other CPU-intensive design software as well, but let’s face reality: The most popular PC games are “bleeding-edge” and they thirst for more speed, mucho power, and all the latest technological buzzwords to fully appreciate. PC gamers themselves are pretty hardcore when it comes to computer hardware, and Logitech is obviously well aware of this fact. The G7 Cordless Laser Mouse is their newest mouse made specifically for gamers trying to get an extra advantage out of every peripheral they purchase.”

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