Are you generally unfamiliar with wireless LAN’s, can’t seem to successfully secure your own network, or are just having difficulty keeping a friend or family member’s LAN safe from bored kids who like to delete things?  McAfee Wireless Home Network Security might be just the peice of software to save you from grief.  The Tech Lounge has the full review, head on over.
“So what if you can’t tell WEP from WAP, or WPA from AP? You no longer have to — or so claims McAfee, speaking about their new Wireless Home Network Security software. McAfee has been kind enough to provide me with a copy of their latest software package designed for those who want a secure wireless experience, but just don’t have the time to dig through a host of unknown acronyms. The package I am looking at today is their Wireless Home Network Security product. This can be purchased by itself or as part of a security suite, but I will come to that later.”

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