Oakley has just put out the Thump2, the followup to the original MP3 player in a pair of shades.  If you completely missed the first release, The Tech Lounge takes the time to compare the originals to the new edition.  Love ’em or hate ’em, you should probably at least be able to recognize them.
“From California — Lil’ John’s Thump sunglasses have been combined with Arnold Schwartzenegars Terminator shades in Oakley’s sequel of their original smash hit of MP3 playing eyeware in Thump 2, Revenge of the Thump. The latest version of the Oakley Thump not only sports a sleek new look, but also offers improved storage capacities up to one gigabyte. But if you read my review of the original Thump sunglasses, you may recall that they didn’t come cheap and it doesn’t look like that has changed. The 256 MB version of the Thump 2 has a MSRP of $299 and the price can climb all the way up to $449 for the full gigabyte of storage. We shall see if the Thump 2 can meet and/or exceed the original or if will it fall short like most sequels.””

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