Giving tech support to people with only a passing familiarity to PC technology can be a huge source of stress.  Software like SiSoft’s Sandra, or WCPUID can give you some of the info you need, but a lot of times the question is simply “Can I play this game?”, and with the usual limitation being the graphics card, Sandra can be a bit of overkill.  PC Mechanic has found a program called Everest Home Edition, a freeware program that ID’s video cards, so drop in for a visit if it sounds like a program that could help.
“Alaron tackles a crucial element this week about hardware: What is the first question you ask when someone says my video card is overheating? ‘What video card do you have?’ And of course some people have no idea that there is a card in there and not some kind of magical force that makes pictures on the screen. As luck has it, this week’s Freeware Frenzy’s covers just the piece of software that will answer the question: Everest Home Edition”

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