Fremont, CA (Thursday, November 3, 2005) — Corsair® Memory, Inc., a worldwide leader in high performance memory and cooling products for enthusiasts and overclockers, today announced that it has became the first company in the memory category to receive the NVIDIA® SLI™ Ready certification. Recognized as the performance memory of choice for enthusiasts, Corsair added to the SLI Ready certification program by creating a new memory category to amplify user experience. NVIDIA SLI (Scalable Link Interface) technology supercharges the platforms by linking two graphics cards together to provide scalability and increased performance. In addition to motherboards, add-on cards and power supplies, Corsair’s XMS2-5400C4 family of products bring additional performance edge to an Intel based SLI system.

‘Corsair is recognized as the leader and innovator in the high-end memory space. Being the first to become SLI Ready certified on the Intel platform validates our reputation of making only quality products that deliver on the performance front,’ said John Beekley, Vice President of Applications Engineering at Corsair Memory. ‘NVIDIA SLI technology is the most widely adopted technology among gamers and enthusiasts. Extending our close relationship with NVIDIA, Corsair brings additional performance advantage to the SLI platform users with our blazing-fast DDR2 memory.’

As a part of the SLI certification process, each component must pass stringent series of tests including diagnostics, benchmarking, burn in, and card interoperability. Only memory that delivers the highest stability and performance even under the most extreme condition will pass the certification.

‘Memory is an integral part of a SLI system to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. When we wanted to expand the program to memory, Corsair was the first to come to mind,’ said Drew Henry, general manager of platform products at NVIDIA. ‘The goal of the SLI certification program was to ensure that consumers always have an unparalleled experience when gaming on the platform. Adding memory to the certification program further strengthens our program objective.’

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