nVidia’s mid-level 6800 cards seem to be disappearing, and as The Inquirer points out, this seems a dead giveaway that there is a new mid level card on it’s way, likely a 7600.
“STRANGE THINGS are afoot in retail circles. The nVidia 6800 in its PCIe variety has all but disappeared. This leaves nVidia with a huge gap in its mid range wide open for the new 7600. The reason this is strange is how little fuss has been made. The 6800 being quietly killed off doesn’t make much sense with the current line-up. It leaves a well-catered low to mid end. There’s the 6200 range starting at around $50 moving up to $70. Then there’s the 6600 range taking over from about $70 to $180. Then there’s a massive jump to the 7800GT starting at around $330.”

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