Ever since Amdmb was launched way, way back in the year 2000 I have had the goal of growing the site into one of the top online tech media in the US.  When I was prepping to graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in CS and start working on the website full time, PC Perspective was launched in order to provide the platform that I felt was needed for the site to succeed at the levels I envisioned.

Having just completed another major product review with the GeForce 7800 GTX 512 MB release today, I wanted to get some more feedback from the readers of PC Perspective.  I know from the amount of page views that we are getting more and more readers every month, but I want to know more than that.  I want to know what users are actually looking for in a review site, what they like about PC Perspective, and what they don’t like.  That is the only way I can morph what you see here into what I want it to become.

I want feedback on anything and everything that is PC Perspective, from the reviews to the news to the forums; no stone un-turned. 

What are you thoughts on our reviews?  Do you like our motherboard review style?  CPUVideo card

Do you like or use the “Summary” review pages at the beginning of each article?  Do you point less PC-savy people to them?  Why or why not?

Do you like the news style?  Is there anything you would like to seen done differently?  Added or removed?

What about the Hardware Leaderboard?  Is it useful in its current form? 

Does the specs database help you at all?  What do you think would make it better?  Are comparisons like this one helpful?

Are the forums everything you want in a PC community?  What would you add or remove from it?

Please, let me know by either replying in our comments below or by posting a reply in this thread in our forum.  If you want, you can also send me an email

Thank you for reading PC Perspective!