The Novatronn iamm NTD-35 is a little different than the MP3 players you might be used to.  For one thing, it’s based on a normal 3.5″ HDD, so you can swap in a huge drive, if you feel so inclined.  This may take away from it’s portability, as does the power plug, but it will play most movies, pictures and songs, and can hook up to a TV as well as a PC. Interested?  Then head over to 3DVelocity to get the full scoop.
“Today I’m looking at a slightly less pocket-able unit, the NTD-35, which utilizes cheap and readily available 3.5″ hard drives in preference to the NTD-25’s 2.5″ units. This brings with it good and bad aspects. The good being that, as I mentioned, 3.5″ drives are usually cheaper per Megabyte, they’re easier to source, there’s more chance you have one tucked in a drawer from an upgrade and they come in larger capacities than the typical 100GB limit on 2.5″ drives.”

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