Switching to a gaming laptop solves a lot of back pain and setup at LAN parties, but it does cause another problem.  All those high end components create a lot of heat, and that poor laptop just can’t dissipate it all on it’s own.  Think Computers comes to the rescue with a review of the Vantec Lapcool 3 Notebook Cooler.
‘As our desire to take computer gaming mobile increases in unison with the advancing technologies of today’s computer world, there is always one negative factor that increases as well—heat. Many of today’s notebooks, especially the larger gaming rigs that are often comparable in power and features of full-sized desktop computers, pump out enormous amounts of heat that ends up drastically increasing the chassis temperature and often decreasing performance. The LapCool 3 from Vantec presents a formidable solution to that problem and through minimalism and meticulous design allows any notebook user to cool their machine and maintain the performance that is expected.’

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