Beyond 3D has a good run down of what you can expect from Sapphire’sRadeon X800 GTO² and X800 GTO Ultimate Editions.  Both are certainly powerful cards, with the both the GTO2 and the and the Ultimate Edition’s bandwidth weighing in at 31.4 GB/sec, the Ultimate stands out because of the ginormous heatsink that wraps around the entire card.
‘Those of you who are familiar with previous designs from Sapphire’s range of Ultimate Edition boards will find no surprises here – just like these previous efforts, the X800 GTO Ultimate Edition features a hefty (although admittedly less so than previous Ultimate Edition solutions) heat-pipe cooling arrangement which transfers heat away from the core to the heatsink on the top of the board. The obvious advantage of such a mechanism is that it requires no fans to cool the device, and as such offers silent running for anyone looking to build a silent or near-silent PC while still requiring a respectable amount of 3D gaming performance.’

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