RAM choices are plentiful this year, and I don’t just mean the choice of companies.  With several ranges of performance, and DDR2 as well, it can be hard to figure out what kind of memory to base your system around. Think Computers can help, with a comparsion of 3 companies offerings, at various speeds and timings.
‘Tis the season for you to go and spend your hard earned money on things you most likely don’t need, or the person you are getting it for doesn’t need either, but we still do it anyway. So in the spirit of the Holidays we decided to make your gift giving and maybe receiving a bit more painless and easier. We’ve come up with, a Memory buyers guide, featuring 4 of the top Ram manufacturers out there today. There are many companies out there that make ram now, but these four are in my opinion the top 4 manufacturers. We will be looking at 3 offering from each company, High End, Low End and DDR2. The companies are Corsair, Crucial, OCZ and GEIL, the companies are in no particular order of preference just an order. Since the new shift is toward 2 gigabytes of ram, that is what we will be focusing on, but some choices will be 1 gig sets.’

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