That free, unsecured Wi-Fi connection you just logged onto may come back to haunt you one day.  Free internet is fun, but is it worth a stranger capturing every bit of data you send, including passwords?  Read on at The Tech Zone.
“What Is An Evil Twin? They are fake Internet gateways posing as legitimate Wi-Fi hotspots. Supposing you visit the local Internet cafe who has a paid hotspot. You boot up your notebook computer, your Wi-Fi connection software seeks out available networks and gives you an option of two (maybe more) networks you can get online with. One of them is from the Internet cafe, but wait. You see one that says “Free Wi-Fi courtesy of Wi-Fi Hotspots Nation” or whatever. Everyone loves a deal, who do you get on with? If you chose the one from Wi-Fi Hotspots Nation, then you may have connected to the Internet on the Evil Twin’s network.”

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