The 6800GS has arrived, and most sites have a review up, so you won’t have to wonder what it can do anymore.  Start off at the Guru of 3D, and keep going ’till you’ve read ’em all.
“It was mid 2004 when NVIDIA released it’s young rascal, the GeForce 6800 GT. It offered staggering performance!. We are now a sturdy year away from that first GT release and a couple of things have changed in that time-frame. Most importantly, we noticed a massive shift from the AGP platform towards PCI-Express. Yes, can you imagine that was just roughly a year ago ? Today NVIDIA introduces something new … tagged with a sales price of roughly 250 EUR – 275 USD for the 256 MB models there now is another product available in that very broad range of Series 6 products from NVIDIA. Today’s product is the GeForce 6800 GS, feature wise 100% similar to any GeForce 6800 product yet performance and pricing wise it sits right between the 6800 and 6800 GT. Guru of 3D took a peek at today’s launch with a retail sample of this product, from the manufacturer Point of view. Is it worth it ? You can find it all out in today’s review where we compare the card to many others and give it a run for it’s money with titles like Half-Life 2, F.e.a.r, Quake 4 and loads more.”

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