PimpRig has a look at the Sapphire X800 GTO2 Limited Edition 256MB PCIe Video Card.  It’s a slightly faster X800, with great overclocking potential, and more.  It has 12 pipelines, as you’d expect, but with a flash, you can mod it into a 16 pipleine card, like the 850’s, at about half the price.  Then you overclock that, and end up with an X800 than outperforms a vanilla X850.  You really want to read the whole article!
“The Sapphire X800 GTO2 was modestly launched recently and not much hooplah had surrounded the card until it’s secret was discovered. The X800 GTO2 is a 12 pipeline 256MB video card much like the vanilla X800. What is very much un-like the vanilla X800 is that the X800 GTO2 doesn’t run on the same ATI430 GPU. Instead, it runs on the ATI480 GPU. For the GPU model informed you will notice that is the same GPU core model used on the Sapphire X850 video cards which pack 16 pixel pipelines.”

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