VIA’s new K8T900 chipset is making the rounds today, so if you can pull yourself away from that shiny new Xbox, take a look at what they’ve included.  Legion Hardware is a great place to start, to get a good idea how inclusive VIA made this chipset.

Don’t forget to come back and read Ryan’s review as well.

“The K8T900 is one of the best chipsets VIA has produced in quite some time and as it stands, could be one of the best AMD64 chipsets available. However, there are a few aspects of the chipset that are still in the mist. First and foremost motherboard manufacturers have to support the chipset and develop motherboards that use it. They then have to get these motherboards out onto the market in reasonable quantities. However, I do not believe this will be an issue this time for VIA and they seem just as confident.”

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