Ok, I guess we’ve all heard it before, and we’re still here, so the sky probably isn’t falling.  A javascript exploit has been found on the web, which can allow code execution on your machine, when you use IE.  The Inquirer has a story up, as well as a link to a site which has posted the code used in the exploit, so you can see what is going on.
“UK group of hackers has published a zero-day exploit which puts means IE users only have to visit a site to be attacked. Computer Terrorism’s exploit allows a remote hacker to take complete control of a Windows system. To prove Computer Terrorism’s system worked, it posted a proof-of-concept exploit, available here, which launches the Windows Calculator. The flaw is based on a Javascript Window() vulnerability which Microsoft has known about for several months. However Vole has been mistakenly treating it as a low-priority denial-of-service flaw, a spokesComputer Terrorist said.”

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