Introduction and Specifications

XFX has prepared a budget GPU based on the 6600 from NVIDIA that now features DDR2 memory and turns out to be a great option for casual gamers.


The 6600 GPU is nothing new; it was initially released on April 24, 2004.  Since then the 6600 has been one of the best budget-based graphics cards on the market, if not THE best.  However, when ATI releasd the X1300 GPU this past October, NVIDIA finally saw some real competition to the 6600 card at the under $100 price range.  It is a testament to the GeForce 6-series GPU that the core is still very competitive today against the latest from ATI, but to help the 6600 last a bit longer, NVIDIA released a refresh recently to the card that added support for DDR2 memory and a 256 MB frame buffer.  The previous 6600s mostly used DDR memory with 128 MB buffers, so the addition of twice the memory and an increase in memory speed should help the NVIDIA 6600 GPU stay alive through the holiday.


  • NVIDIA 6600 GPU
  • 400 MHz Core clock
  • 800 MHz Memory clock
  • 256 MB DDR2 memory

For more information on the 6600 GPU in general, check out my initial 6600 GPU preview from way back in April of 2004. 

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