t-break has combined two Intel motherboards into a single article and some good old fashioned chipset-bashing. 

Performance-wise, both boards are good as we saw in the previous pages, however, gaming AMD’s baby at the moment and we’re a bit skeptical about using that term to promote Pentium4 boards at the moment. With overclocking, ASUS managed to take the lead providing a higher overclock. However, overclocking tends to differ from board to board and we have heard of the G1 reaching 320MHz so your overclocking experience could be different than ours.

Stability was not an issue with either of these boards, however, in our opinion, Intel makes the best chipsets and if we were to chose either of these boards as our home server, it would definitely be the Gigabyte simply because its based on an Intel chipset. However, if we were to use one of these boards as an everyday machine that we game on as well then it would be the ASUS.