Unless you live alone in an isolated area, you have probably had someone yell at you to put on your headphones during an artillery barrage in BF2 or a similar game.  Well, if you’ve bought a good sound system so that you can feel the bass, and hear the guy sneaking up on your 6, that can be kind of annoying.  The solution is to find a set of headphones that sound as good as your 5.1 speakers, and CoolTechZone may have found a pair that fit that description, the Shure E3g Gaming Earphones.
“It was only a matter of time before Shure entered the world of gaming earphones. After all, gaming is a rapidly growing market segment and it only makes sense to cater to such enthusiasts. Has Shure done anything extraordinary to differentiate itself from the rest of the crowd? Let’s find out…”

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