While the benefits of working from home and owning your own business are well known to those who don’t share in this world of ours, sometimes the problems associated with working at home and/or owning your own business are not.  For example, are you eagerly awaiting a box of components to continue testing equipment with over the next four days so you can be ready for an article launch on the 27th?  Do you find yourself NEVER without your CRACKberry answering emails and trying to set up meeting times for an upcoming convention even while sitting at dinner with friends?  Maybe instead you like to work into the wee hours of the morning on hardware that you find out later has a critical flaw and will be replaced tomorrow meaning your hours and hours of work will go unpaid and unrewarded? 

Heh, such is life.  But I’m not about to quit my job and start looking for a position elsewhere.  Those are some of the down falls, but there are many positives as well that I have just grown too accustomed to.

Speaking of the holidays (I did mention them, didn’t I?) they are fast approaching and I am as ready as I can be.  The traveling circus part of my holidays is done so I merely have local events left to attend and that helps a lot.  I hope to get a lot of work done today and tomorrow so I can take the 25th and 26th off for a launch on the 27th, but I can’t guarantee anything just yet based on current performance levels.

The X1800 XT CrossFire release finally went off, and we actually have stock of these cards in at Newegg!  NVIDIA’s 7800 GTX 512s are still MIA however….  That’s definitely no good for a company that would spend hours on the phone with me chewing me out for not being hard enough on ATI when their X1000 series cards didn’t show up on time.  Heh, again, such is life.