The Inquirer starts off the “Looking back at 2005” season with an article on Intel’s fairly lackluster year.  While AMD has been pumping out dual cores and new pinouts, it feels like Intel didn’t do too much in the retail market.  It may not last for long, next year the effects from the sale of Spansion by AMD, and the death of Intel’s Itanium could indicate big changes for 2006.
CHIP FIRM Intel began this year as it meant to endian it, in a blizzard of confusing chip numbers that no-one could make sense of while it trod water and hoped AMD didn’t gain too much market share against it. This was clearly just a hope. During 2005 AMD has made steady inroads against Intel on server CPUs, and will continue to do so in 2006. But the smaller Zilla ain’t got liquid gold in its vaults, and as we near the year hinge, is being forced to float its flash memory unit, Spansion. Deja vu or deja vu again?”

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