According this write up at The Inquirer, it looks like Western Digital might be making my dreams come true by releasing a new Raptor driver with a 150 GB capacity, SATA-II support and NCQ as well!

The new model, the WD1500 addresses the biggest problem everyone had with drives: capacity. In today’s world, where author of this article can download eight gigs in a single night, a 36GB capacity seems laughable. Especially when you can get 250GB for the very same price as a 36GB model. So, the new Raptor comes with a capacity of 150GB, split in two models. The WD1500AH is a model “for gamers”, while the enterprise version is known under the name WD1500AD and comes with TLER (Time Limited Error Recovery) marchitecture.

Also, the drives support SATA-II and NCQ marchitectures. Anyway, if you want all the latest and greatest in hard drive technology, you can always click on our complementary L’INQ and spend €319 for the server version. The gaming version isn’t available. Yet.